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ArbitrageCard is a premium discounted gift card platform geared toward helping Online Arbitrage, Retail Arbitrage, FBA, and Dropshippers increase their profit margins.


We understand this business model because we have actually DONE it

Please make sure you’ve entered the gift card information from the customer portal correctly. Also double check that you aren’t breaking the terms of service for the website you’re purchasing from, as this can also cause issues when attempting to use a gift card.

If you still cannot redeem your gift card or if there is an issue with the balance, please contact us at [email protected]. We value our customers and work hard to diagnose and fix any issues. You can also view our full Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions.

We work with many national brands such as: Adidas, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, DSW, eBay, Foot Locker, Home Depot, Marshall’s, Nike, Target, and Under Armour. The most updated information is available on our gift card page

Looking for a card from a company you don’t see represented above or on our card page? Send us a message at [email protected] and we will do our best to get it for you!

On the rare occasion that you experience problems with any gift cards from our site, our Refund Policy covers cards up to 60 days after they are purchased. You can contact us at [email protected] and we will open an investigation regarding your card. Please allow up to 14 business days for a resolution. If we determine that the issue came from our end, we will either correct, replace, or refund the gift card in question. You can find our full detailed Refund Policy here.

Our gift cards never expire (unless otherwise specified on the purchase page) and you are free to stock them for future use if needed without any additional risk. Please note, however, that our Refund Policy covers cards up to 60 days after they are purchased.

Please take the standard measures to protect your gift card codes like you would any other sensitive information. (You know, don’t send them to anyone claiming to be a Nigerian prince!) We do our best to keep our site secure. But if you transfer information out of the secure customer portal, (such as to a Google spreadsheet) then please take your own extra protection measures. This includes NOT allowing anyone to have unauthorized access to your sheets and ensuring you have a secure Gmail password, to name a couple examples. Here is a free resource to check if your Google password may be compromised:

Yes! Contact us if you will need to purchase $10,000 or more of gift cards in a single day. 

When you purchase gift cards, you will be prompted to create a customer account in our secure customer portal. After you purchase, your gift card codes AND barcodes are available within your customer portal. We issue barcodes for your convenience automatically, should you want to use one in a physical location for Retail Arbitrage (such as a Nike outlet store). 

Yes! You can use many different credit cards to earn cashback on top of the discount you already receive on your gift cards! You can even earn bonus points on certain gift cards brands depending on what store & category they’re for. If your credit card earns 4X rewards points on Dining & Restaurant purchases (to name just one example), and you buy a restaurant gift card – you can get those extra points on your gift card purchase! Click here to check out a full explanation of how the category coding works on our website, as well as the best credit cards and categories to use to maximize your rewards. 

Security is our number one priority. Our dedication to security and anti-fraud measures are something that we take very seriously. Every new account must verify their email and upload a government-issued ID in order to make any purchases through the website. We have implemented strict back-end security protocols to ensure that any risk to our customers information is as limited as possible.

At ArbitrageCard we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security, fraud prevention, and risk mitigation for both ourselves and our customers. Operating in the gift card industry, it’s essential for us to take extra security measures for the safety of all parties involved.

Customer ID verification is one aspect of following KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and general fraud prevention regulations. This allows us to continue operating optimally and providing a smooth and trusted user experience to anyone who needs gift cards.

Real ID, the solution we use for ID verification, employs state-of-the-art encryption during ID verification as well as in their vaults holding customers data and ID document photos.

During transit from customer’s devices to Real ID, vaults are protected with Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) protocol.

At rest, customer’s images are encrypted with the industry standard Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256) to protect files against unauthorized access and protect customer confidentiality.

Here you can read the full details about Real ID. This page provides more information on the security measures taken by Real ID to protect your data:

Accounts are created during checkout.