Sky-High Gas Prices Eating into Your Business Profits?

Discover the Secret Hack to Save Up to 40% On Gas!

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We know how much of a pain rising gas costs can be, especially when you're trying to run a business. In a world where every penny counts and competition is fierce, those gas receipts can really start to sting.
But what if there was a secret hack to get big discounts on gas?

Welcome to Our Fuel Points Program

We enable you to save big at a variety of gas stations across the country, including big names like Kroger, Shell, Hy-Vee, Giant Food, and more.

The Problem: Those Pesky Gas Prices

Let’s face it, rising gas costs are a headache. They’re like a pesky mosquito nibbling away at your profits. And in today’s dog-eat-dog market, where profit margins are tighter than a new pair of shoes, it can feel like you’re running just to stand still. But what if there was a secret hack to get big discounts on gas and give your business an edge over the competition?

The Solution: Our Fuel Points Program

Enter our Fuel Points Program. It’s the secret hack you’ve been looking for. With our program, you can save anywhere from 30% to 40% on your gas costs. Imagine what this could mean for your business. Say you’re spending $2500 on gas each month. A 40% saving would mean an extra $1000 back in your pocket. That’s a whopping $12,000 per year you could add to your bottom line. Not too shabby, right? Even better than using a fleet card!


Getting started with our Fuel Points Program is as easy as 1-2-3:

Our Secret Sauce

You might be wondering how we can offer these amazing discounts. Well, we’ve got a secret sauce. We’ve built a network of suppliers who sell us fuel points that they aren’t going to use. Some of these suppliers also sell us gift cards that they acquire at grocery stores during promotions, which many times also generate them fuel points that they don’t need! We buy these points at super discounted rates and pass the savings onto you. It’s a win-win!

Savings Breakdown:

With Kroger, you can save up to 40% on gas in certain regions by using our fuel points. At Kroger, every 1000 points you use saves you $1 per gallon, up to 35 gallons. If you’re able to fill up 35 gallons each time, 1000 points will save you $35. If we sell you 1000 points for $21, you essentially pay $21 to save $35, meaning your net savings is $14, or around 40% of what the points are worth.

Shell operates a bit differently. Instead of points, there’s a dollar amount that you save per gallon. You can redeem these savings for up to 20 gallons per fill-up. This might be beneficial for those who don’t have 35-gallon tanks or don’t have access to a Kroger gas station. If you pay $40 for an account that gives you $60 of savings ($3.00 off per gallon, up to 20 gallons), then you’re saving 33% on gas.

With Giant Food in Pennsylvania, you can use 1000 points to get $1 off per gallon, with savings good for up to 25 gallons per fill- up. If we sell you 1000 points for $17, and you use that to save $25, your net savings is $8, or around 32% on the price of gas that you would normally pay.

Hy-Vee operates similarly to Shell, with a specific dollar amount of savings per gallon, up to 20 gallons. If we sell you an account for $40 that has a savings of $3 per gallon up to 20 gallons ($60 of savings total), you’re saving 33% on gas at Hy-Vee.

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