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Thank you for considering offering your feedback! Here’s the thing: We genuinely want to serve you better, but to do that, we need to know what’s on your mind. Without clear feedback from you, we’re left guessing, and let’s be honest, no one knows your needs better than you.

We’re not here for sugar-coated answers. In fact, the more upfront and straightforward you are, especially about areas we could improve, the more it’ll empower us to make those vital changes. Think of this as a collaboration. You’re doing yourself a favor by helping us understand and deliver precisely what you desire from us. And there’s no need to rack your brain about it either; feel free to just put the first thing that comes to mind. We recommend avoiding trying to force a “good” answer or mentally filtering out anything that occurs to you. If it helps, instead of trying to think of a “good” or “right” answer, just put a true & genuine one. Pay attention to your first natural instinct. Short answers are okay too! Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself & write what YOU actually feel rather than what you think we want to hear (seriously, NO PRESSURE). If you think of additional answers later, you can fill out this same form again.

Lastly, note that leaving your contact details on this form is entirely optional. You can choose to make your response anonymous if that makes you feel more comfortable. (You’ll still receive your $10 coupon code either way).


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